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Coronavirus and Nigeria economy and the need for sacrifice among political office holder.


Late i n 2019 a deadly virus disease emerged from Wuhan central region of China.

The deadly disease called coronavirus (covid-19) is a very big and one of the worst threat to the entire world .

No wonder , open the emergence of this virus the world health organization (WHO) promptly declared it a’ global epidemic.

Coronvirus has negatively affected the global economy and Nigeria is never exemptional to this economic instability of the deadly virus.

since the outbreak of (convid-19) the value of our currency (Naira) has continuously depreciating with the exchange rate of other foreign currencies such as pounds, dollars, euros etc .

Recently the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) through it’s governor, Godwin emefiele announced that Nigeria currency has been devalued to three hundred and seventy eight naira (N378), and three hundred and eight (N380) in the foreign exchange ( forex) market.

In Nigeria it is no longer news saying that almost half of the country annual income is being used I for the payment of wages and other allowance to apolitical office holder.

It is high time for prudent management of our economy by the federal, state and local government. This Prudence in our economic management includers: president, governor, minister, senators, house of representative members, state house of Assembly members, local Government chairman, councillors, heads of boards, agencies and parastatal.

The high cost of allowance for politicians such as:

Monthly allowance, sitting allowance, wardrobe allowance, etc, should be voluntary reduced to minimum rat in order to escape economic uncertainty warming-up against the country.

The need for sacrifices by those politicians whose only cheapest means of turning overnight rich is corruption, is now nonnegotiable. It is advisable for these type of political office holder to negotiate corruption for economic revitalization of the country because one of the best sacrifice in life is the sacrifice made for your entire nation.

These sacrifices are not restricted only to political office holder, but watch out for the next edition of this article and read more on those beaded to make sacrifices against economic meltdown caused by coronavirus. U can read more of this only on naijawax.com .


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