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Buhari change agenda:5 years after 2015 election.


Unarguably the long awaited Democratic system of government returned back to Nigeria on may, 29 1999. This brought a new hope to Nigerians after decades of failed military and Democratic rules in the country.

The first failed democracy in Nigeria took place on December 31st 1983 when the major General Muhammadu buhari (now civilian president) toppled the inglorious 4years of the first democratically elected central government under the leadership of Alhaji shehu shagari.

Another blow on democracy i n Nigeria was on June 12 1994 when the military president, Ibrahim badamasi babangida annulled the election of chief mko abiola.

Unlike other failed democracy, the 1999 civilian government brought a lasting hope and expectations to Nigerians that the new system of government will bedeviled the growth and development of the nation. thus the sixteen years of this period experienced the government of people Democratic party (PDP) upon the 2015 general elections, Nigerians become tried of (PDP)s 16 years of misruled and agitated for a change in the central and some states government . this brought in a switch from PDP to all progressive Congress (APC) with muhammadu buhari as a President. The APC’s major agenda was “CHANGE.

According to APC the reason for this change is was that after so many years of PDP rule the challenges that confronted the nation during the military era had not ended.

Regrettably, these challenges persistently become as worrisome as there were before the advent of democracy in 1999 for these challenges have not successful in bringing intellectual debates on the status of Nigeria as a nation but have also resulted in Democratic retrogressions, thus causing the nation to experience stranded growth and development .

Some of such features of Democratic retrogression in Nigeria since the advent of CHANGE in 2015 are:

The increasing killing of Nigerians by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen, persistent havoc of book haram insurgents in the north east of the country, marginalization of some ethnic groups, incessant armed banditry, kidnapping, rubbing , continuous dwindling of the nations economic stability unlike the days of PDP government.

Another flaw on the change agenda of president buhari’s government is his failure to give priority to responding to the needs of the poor and the youth and also points to the need to remedy entrenched patterns of discrimination that affect the non indigenes and women in the country .

This CHANGE agenda of the present central government in the country has woefully failed to control the high rate of corruption or eradicate it entirely as they promised us in 2015.

It is clear that what Nigeria and it’s citizens are suffering is as a result of oligarchic control of political power, both formal and informal, by uncountable political cabal.

This oligarchic control of political power contributed to patterns of inefficient centralization, a dearth of meaningful representation within the political system, and a culture of impunity that date back the foundation of democracy in the country.

This has created a stark gap between the rulers and the ruled leading to a general dissatisfaction and cynicism regarding government combined with growing sentiment of injustice which are fueled by attempt to manipulate ethnic religions rivalries. This directly threatens political stability of Nigeria, which is extra – ordinarily fragile.

A breakdown in stability could undermine ongoing national integration. Hence CHANGE agenda of president Muhammad buhari’s government remains mere illusion.

Coronavirus and Nigeria economy and the need for sacrifice among political office holder.


Late i n 2019 a deadly virus disease emerged from Wuhan central region of China.

The deadly disease called coronavirus (covid-19) is a very big and one of the worst threat to the entire world .

No wonder , open the emergence of this virus the world health organization (WHO) promptly declared it a’ global epidemic.

Coronvirus has negatively affected the global economy and Nigeria is never exemptional to this economic instability of the deadly virus.

since the outbreak of (convid-19) the value of our currency (Naira) has continuously depreciating with the exchange rate of other foreign currencies such as pounds, dollars, euros etc .

Recently the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) through it’s governor, Godwin emefiele announced that Nigeria currency has been devalued to three hundred and seventy eight naira (N378), and three hundred and eight (N380) in the foreign exchange ( forex) market.

In Nigeria it is no longer news saying that almost half of the country annual income is being used I for the payment of wages and other allowance to apolitical office holder.

It is high time for prudent management of our economy by the federal, state and local government. This Prudence in our economic management includers: president, governor, minister, senators, house of representative members, state house of Assembly members, local Government chairman, councillors, heads of boards, agencies and parastatal.

The high cost of allowance for politicians such as:

Monthly allowance, sitting allowance, wardrobe allowance, etc, should be voluntary reduced to minimum rat in order to escape economic uncertainty warming-up against the country.

The need for sacrifices by those politicians whose only cheapest means of turning overnight rich is corruption, is now nonnegotiable. It is advisable for these type of political office holder to negotiate corruption for economic revitalization of the country because one of the best sacrifice in life is the sacrifice made for your entire nation.

These sacrifices are not restricted only to political office holder, but watch out for the next edition of this article and read more on those beaded to make sacrifices against economic meltdown caused by coronavirus. U can read more of this only on naijawax.com .

DPF) influence of student debt on health career location and specialty


Adaptive physical education specialist are education working in an academic environment who give physical education instruction to accommodate physical injuries, orthopedic challenges, mental disabilities or other impairments that could limit physical ability.

They make modifications that consider students ages and capabilities and are designed to enhance motors skills, the ability to engage in athletic and overall fitness.

Generally categorized as a special education teacher, an adaptive physical education specialist may be required to develop individualized education plans, ensure physical education programs meet educational or governmental guidelines, update other educators on the best ways to physical education.

They are many duties of adaptive physical education specialist they includes :

Physical education.

Student assessment and placement.

Recording maintenance.

Student feedback and motivation.

Progress reporting.

Class equipment ordering and maintenances

they are some educational requirements for those who want to be adaptive physical education specialist.

One of them is that they possess a bachelor’s degree followed by masters degree and a post baccalaureate certificate.

All special education teachers must have a minimum of a bachelors degree along with a licence or certificate issued in the state in which they desire to teach.

To acquire certification, prospective teachers might need to meet the requirements that include presenting a satisfactory academic report, finishing a teacher program successfully completing a background screening and learning a passing score on an educator licensure or certificate exam.

Many skills are required to possess adoptive physical education specialist who h includes:

  • They must be skilled at teaching students with unique challenges and should have the ability to speak dearly.

2. Listen actively and develop lesson plans that accommodate students needs

3.they should have strong decision-making skills when choosing the best strategies to help students excel in the classroom.

4.They should focus on communication.

5.time management and organization .

This skills are especially important for updating parents, teachers and administrators on student progress, keeping each class period on track, ordering equipment in a timely Fashing and properly maintaining students needs.

In the career outlook employment opportunities for all special education teachers were expected to grow by 8%, which was about as fast as average when compared to all occupations, this projected growth was attributed to an increased need for special education services in school.

The salaries that special education teachers earn is a median annual wage of $58,980 in may 2017.

The median annual salary for physical education teachers in march 2017 was $42,838.

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