Nigerian actor, Francis Odega, who became prominent on social media thanks to his “gerrarahere” scene from a movie, has reacted to the reports which made rounds last week, of him throwing his wife out of their house.
Francis Odega reacts
In a shocking video that shows the actor involved in a heated moment between himself and his wife, the actor – probably drunk – is seen threatening to stab his wife and her sister if they don’t leave the house with immediate effect.

The sister-in-law, who shared the video revealed that the actor had tried to rape her, and also once stabbed his wife before and he proves it in the video as he’s heard saying “he’d [sic] stab her again”.
Sharing the video, the lady wrote in part,
One faithful night, I was home sleeping and my sister was at the hospital, Mr Odega came home and tried to rape me and I managed to run out of the house
So many times he has beaten my sister to the point that she will have to wake up at the hospital and each time all he will say is that my family will do nothing, that we don’t even have money to make any case with him.
Most times he locks her outside overnight and most times he will embarrass her in public by calling her name, stripping her naked, accusing her of so many things.
So this year, he sent her packing with her daughter, the only child they both have, but he has refused to pay her school fees. As for my sister, she wants nothing to do with him again because the embarrassment is too much.
The actor has now, however, reacted to the allegations – sharing a video to air his own side of the embarrassing saga, he wrote,
‘For those of you judging me without hearing my own side of the story, this is the little I can say for now. Am ara here…’


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